Architectural Interior Rates

Architectural Interior Rates


Interior/Exterior Photography Capture Price Guidance for the Interior & Architectural Industry. This does not include Real Estate Photography. click on link above for Real Estate Order Form. This is only an estimate as specific needs will vary and customization is expected.

The following guideline is for on-site photography capture. It includes creative fee, standard post production processing, a 3 year rights to images/license usage agreement, and images delivered via dropbox. Each shoot will be shot via a wireless capture for your approval per image to ensure an accurate and favorable outcome. You will be able to see the capture on an iPad in real time.

$ 90 per image. Crops made from capture will cost $25 per image.

A minimum of 5 images.
Travel up to 75 miles from Asheville (round trip) $ N/C
Travel from 75 miles to 250 miles from Asheville (R/T) $ 60.
Travel from 250 miles to 500 miles from Asheville (R/T) $ 120.
Lodging/meals for 1 night $ 275.
Lodging/meals for 2 nights $ 525.

Standard Shoot includes a 3 year LEVEL 1 license for usage. Thereafter, a usage fee per image will be auto-invoiced at a rate of $50 per image per year. This is for a website, social media and magazine print usage license, contact me for details. Commercial advertising for a large media buy ad, will be discussed and a customized estimate will be prepared. This is a LEVEL 2 usage license.

*** Alternatively - you can choose $225 per image for a Level 1 UNLIMITED license. Level 2 license will be customized.

Multiple License (cost sharing) i.e., designer/builder/architect for one invoiced job, can receive 20% - 40% reduction. Contact me for details on this program or click here for more information.

Composite Twilight Exterior/Interior Shoot - add $350 onto existing shoot. Alternatively, if the shoot is just for a twilight shot, then the charge is $550

A detailed quote will be provided with licenses info and other important information once booking is established.

My Methodology: I approach an Architectural shoot, for Designers, Architects and Builders each a bit differently. I believe that understanding your client's vision is paramount. This will accomplish a favorable outcome and produce images more closely in alignment with my client's vision, a must, "first step".

Once I understand your vision, deciding how I want to compose, is the second important step. Once that is established, I determine how I want to light the shot based on where the natural light is falling on the subjects. I position my augmented light, in alignment with that to bring up the level of light in the space, and I strategically and slowly add fill light to fill in the shadow sides. I take several shots of this space and each time I highlight different areas of the scene to capture light on various pieces of importance. I will sometimes light paint with special flashes I have to produce mood and effect.

Second Half: Later in post production, I layer stack these different scenes into a composite image using Photoshop and hand blend the different parts of the scenes that were hand lit when I was on the job site. This is purely an artistic endeavor and my goal is to achieve as natural and inviting look as possible, keeping true to the "Vision". This could be moody and sexy, airy and bright, or sunny and happy. Whatever the original vision of the space was I try to evoke that "Soul" into the final shot.

My Equipment: Camera - Sony A7R II Full Frame Mirrorless Camera. Metabones IV adapter to use with my Canon Tilt-shift lens's. Canon full frame 5DMKIII, Canon 7D MKII. Lenses - Zeiss 24-70 f/4, Zeiss 70-200 G OSS f/4, Zeiss Toiut 12mm, Zeiss 16-70, Canon Tilt-shift 24mm II f3.5L, Canon Tilt-shift 17mm, Canon 90mm 2.8 Tilt-shift, Canon 16-35 II f2.8L USM, Tamron 150 - 600 f/5-6.3 Di VC USD. Tripods & Heads - Feisol self leveling carbon Fiber, Benro Carbon Fiber, Induro Carbon Fiber, Arca Swiss Mono P0, Manfrotto Geared Head (architecture & landscape), Jobu Gimbal Head (nature). Lighting - Flashpoint xplor 600 and flashpoint 360flashtreaks with integrated wireless shooting system, 5 Speedlights canon and other brands, Alien bees, 60"parabolic umbrella, 42" Wescott October, 50" Wescott square soft box, Lastolite 48" strip banks (2), 42 Umbrella, (4) 36" Umbrellas, other various modifiers, restrictors, grids, tells and reflectors.Triggers - Flashpoint R-2 trigger system, Cactus trigger system, Pocket Wizard system, Nissin Air wireless lighting system.

Landscape & Architecture for Developments

Please consult with me as this can be quite diversified depending on your needs. Pricing generally starts around $1500 and that renders between 12 -18 final images. A 3 year license is also provided but not restricted to just web or magazine print. Billboards are included as well as brochure and literature material for national and international publication.

Food Photography Rates

Food Photography is typically priced by the half or full day. In addition, this is typically shot at your location. I bring my gear, lighting and set up. The food is shot as it is prepared and styled. I do not provide a food stylist, however this can be discussed ahead of time. Food looks best presented and shot on a white plate, however, depending on the kind of food this can vary and should be discussed prior to shoot.

$ 75 per image. Images are shot via a wireless transfer to my iPad and you can see the capture as images are made to ensure accuracy in styling and composition. Minimum of 8 images.

Photography capture Includes, capture, processing the images and then delivered via electronic transfer (dropbox) in both web sized and full resolution for print production.

A usage license will be spelled out depending on your needs. This may or may not effect the price, however a written estimate will be provided prior to shoot.